Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ode To Mr. Misha

Why does Mr. Misha rock harder than Bon Jovi you ask?

He makes me laugh so hard that my cheeks and stomach hurt the next day.

The whole "
rat in the house" incident.

When he wakes me up for work, he does it with "MY" Starbucks drink in his hand.

He purposely doesn't fart in front of me (he has farted in his sleep, but was completely apologetic/embarrassed about it).

His family is so nice, you don't say fuck in front of them. My family is so screwed up, that you have to say fuck in front of them. He loves that about my family.

He lets me pimp him out for my friends computer problems and never complains.

He didn't stare at my boobs on our first date.

If it is really busy at the hospital and none of the nurses have time to eat, I can call him at anytime in the middle of the night.....and he will go buy food for the WHOLE department.

He went to a sushi restaurant (he hates sushi) and bought food for my patient whose baby just died.

He built me a computer and gave it to me on our second date.

He likes a woman who can burp, LOUD!

He head-butted my Uncle John at our wedding to keep him from fighting with my Cousin Larry and it worked, Uncle John just laughed.

He loves kids and dogs, but is not fond of cats. Which works out great since I am deathly allergic to cats.

He composes and sings the best songs to our dogs, my mom, our friend's children and me, all of the time and on the spur of the moment!

He doted on our 86 year old neighbor, Babe. She had a crush on him and even smacked him on the ass from time to time!

He tolerates my self-diagnosed OCD.

He compliments my cooking.

His "Fanta" dance.

I once had a patient who said she did "an 8 ball a day", I had NO IDEA what that meant. So, I called him......he told me how much that weighed and about how much it would cost.

He has taken really good care of me since I was injured last April.

When he noticed that the pain medication was making it unsafe for me to walk to the kitchen safely, he gave me a tambourine to shake when I wanted something to eat or drink.

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