Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Plethora of Updates (Mostly boob-related)

  Dress Quest 9/11

Thanks to everyone for the fashion advise.  I ended up purchasing the two most popular dresses.  I wore one to the rehearsal dinner and the other to the wedding.  I didn't get any real good full length photos of myself with either of my my dresses, but I am waiting to see the photos that other folks have taken and will post them if they are not too embarrassing.

Rehearsal dinner dress with the awesome ten buck kitten-heeled sandals! 

Dress for the wedding with pink kitten-heeled slides. 

Unfortunate and freakish self portrait. 

Twammogram Redux

I got the results of my follow up mammogram.  Not much different than last time.  Basically, the radiology report read like this:  

This chick's boobs are huge.  It's really hard to see everything because these boobs are gigantic.  Every once in a while I can see some teeny tiny abnormality.  These abnormalities do not look like cancer and they haven't changed since last time. But I need to cover my ass, so I am going to make this poor woman haul her incredibly large titties into the women's center every six months for the rest of her life. The End. 
So I guess I will be doing this bi-annually.  I will live-tweet, blog, video, take pics as much of it as I can. If I have to do this, I am taking you all with me. 


I have been knitting again.  I have been knitting baby hats for friends and coworkers who have recently popped out a child.  My favorite hat has to be the 'Boobie Beanie'.  I made one for my hair stylist's little girl. I posted pics on Facebook.  

I realize that this areola is HUGE. 

The suggestion was made that I accessorize the hat.   

I took the ring off prior to wrapping it up as a baby gift. 


Then I started to make a second one for an older infant of a coworker.  I either lost count of my stitches or screwed up the gauge, because after it was finished, I realized it was way too big.  So I stuck it on Mr. Misha! 

Areola much smaller this time.  Mr. Misha is such a good sport.

Since finishing those two, I have had many requests to make more- for both babies and adults!  I will be knitting up a storm this fall!

That is all the updates I have for now.  I have a few blog post ideas in my noggin.  I am hoping to try and post something here at least once a week till the end of the year.  Let's see how well I do at that!