Friday, March 06, 2009

I think I need to drink more.

All of really good stories are from:
  • My childhood,which is over
  • My wild and wanton youth, which is also over
  • My Nana, who is dead
  • Dating, which I can't do anymore because Mr. Misha frowns upon it
  • Baby Birthin', which I can't share here without violating HIPAA
I was thinking if I started drinking more I would have some good boozed-fueled stories I could write about. Maybe some bar brawls, lame pick-up stories or drunken people tricks. I don't have to work next weekend. Maybe I will try out my theory then.


  1. Puke and Rally, Misha! Puke and Rally!

  2. You are not really anonymous when you leave that as your comment! Hee hee!