Monday, March 30, 2009

Damp House Drama

The following are a series of tweets sent out by me over the weekend, starting Friday morning when I woke up to Mr. Misha hollering, "Oh no! There is water every where!" He then comforted me by saying over and over again, "Don't worry baby, it's not potty water! It's not potty water!"

  • Woke up to major plumbing problem. 1" standing water in 2/3 of the house. Great.

  • Landlord is here sucking up all of the water.

  • Mr. Misha's bathroom is getting a brand new toilet.

  • This plumbing drama could not have come on a worse day. Tonight is my first night back working at the baby birthin' factory.

  • Shopvac-ing of the water is complete. Now for installation of new toilet. These are the most exciting tweets of the week for me. Sad.

  • Landlord Dave is going to go get industrial fans to dry out the house! Time to play "Supermodel Fashion Photoshoot" with the dogs!

  • Landlord Dave just announced he is here to blow me.

  • Today is my cocker spaniel's version of hell. Two things she hates most in the world: getting her feet wet and the vacuum cleaner.

  • Landlord and plumber have left. I think I will have to have the fans blowing all weekend to dry this place out. Glad it's warm out.

  • The Pug is petitioning Gov.Schwarzenegger & Prez Obama to declare Dogtown a disaster area. Thurs it was attacked by terrier, today flood.

  • I have the TV volume up full blast to hear over the fans. My neighbors are going to love me this weekend.

  • I am still splashing when I walk in some parts if the carpet. I am pretty sure industrial fans are a type if torture device.

  • I forgot about the linen closet and my bedroom closet yesterday when looking for wet floor. This is never going to end, is it?

  • Came home after working all night. Fans not really helping. House starting to smell weird. I think new carpet is inevitable. ARGH.

  • I will deal with the water logged house drama later. I am taking some pain meds and going to bed. Happy Sunday Tweeple!

  • Damp House Drama, Day 4- It's starting to smell. I hear the fans even if I turn them off. Will formulate plan after the sun comes up.
I am waiting for a more suitable hour to call my landlord. I am pretty sure we are going to have to move all of our stuff out of the house, replace the carpets and the baseboards, and quite possibly paint. I am going to try and take a positve attitude towards this. Use this as an opportunity to clean out some clutter, throw away some junk, super spring cleaning and maybe a furniture rearrangement. GAH!

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