Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Know What James Was Talking About

I returned to physical therapy Wednesday. Last time I went it was not so pleasant. I would spend the first part trying to do exercises and stretches that my muscles just wouldn't let me do without protesting loudly. Then I would go back to the treatment room. My muscles would be stimulated with electrical pulses or soothed with ultrasonic waves. Then heat or ice would be applied. Then some massage. Most of the time, my physical therapist would try and break up the knots in my muscles only to irritate some nerve and send me into a 24 hour, light sensitive, brain-melting, puking migraine headache.

This time, it was different. My physical therapist's assessment showed that my range of motion has improved. I am having less headaches. We sat and formulated a plan. We are going to focus on increasing my strength and stamina. My left arm is quite week after 50 weeks of limited use. She gave me some simple exercises to try.

I went home sore, but a different kind of sore. A soreness that tells me I am getting stronger and better. I feel good.


  1. i am sorry you had such a bad reaction to the stim. i always loved it in college on my shoulder tendinitis. poor misha. glad that you are the right track now.

  2. Amy- I didn't mind the stim. I still have my TENS unit here at home. In fact, I might use it later today. It's just that it was palliative, not curative. I feel like I am getting better now. Before I felt like I was just getting through the day.

  3. Good, good! Keep feeling better. :)

  4. This sounds like good news. And ya I liked that song of James Browns! Goes well w/how you are feeling. Keep it up Misha, it's been a long road and I really empathize with you! Lisa