Friday, March 12, 2010

Smiles. Everyone, smiles!

My family was not one who took many "family vacations".  My school breaks were usually spent with me flying solo, under the care of a flight attendant, to Virginia or Southern California.  The trips to Virginia were few and occurred at such a young age, that I have little memory of them.  I remember being seated in the front, next to the flight attendants.  I remember getting to go to the cockpit to see the flight crew and being given sets of wings.  This must have happened quite a lot, because I still have over a dozen sets of flight wings from various airlines that have gone out of business.  The trips to SoCal were more memorable, as I made that trip at least 3 times a year for over 15 years.

I don't remember being on a plane with any relative during my childhood.  My family, when we did go on a trip, it was a road trip.  We went to Yellowstone Park in a caravan of Chevy Blazers when I was 3 or 4. I went to the Pacific Northwest with my aunt and grandparents.  Those were the only times I can remember taking a LONG road trip.  Most ran in the 3-6 hour range.  We would mostly pass the time singing.  Our repertoire was small:  The Beach Boys "Endless Summer", the soundtrack from "The Sound of Music", Bachman Turner Overdrive, Credence Clearwater Revival and Queen's "A Night at the Opera".  An eclectic mix, but fitting for my family.  I don't which was more hysterical; watching my Nana sing Bohemian's Rhapsody (She did it way before Dana Carvey and Mike Myers) or the look on passing motorists' faces when they heard my mom, my nana, my aunt and I, yodeling at the top of our lungs, along with Julie Andrew's "Lonely Goatherd".

As I got older, I took road trips with my boyfriend, the man I refer to as, "Evil Steve".  We spent most of our road trips arguing. Arguing about driving, about where to eat, about what music to listen to, pretty much arguing about everything.  To this day, I cannot figure out why we stayed together for so long.

Besides Mr. Misha, most of my road trips nowadays are with the HOZ.  The car is stocked with beverages and snacks.  The CD player or iPod is filled with "official" HO music.  We are all in a good mood and we take off.  Usually after the first dozen songs or so, it is time to play HUMP ISLAND.  

What is Hump Island you say?  Well, Hump Island is a game where you imagine yourself on a deserted island and you have to choose the one person you want island with you and you must have regular sexual activity with said person.   Since I am afflicted with self-diagnosed OCD, I have demanded that we have HUMP ISLAND Categories.  We usually start off with a pretty tame category like "Movie star, male, under 60, Hump Island".  Then each one of us states our pick.  As time goes by the categories get more daring:

"Television star, female, over 50, Hump Island"


"WWE, male, Hump Island"


"Female, Comic Book Character, Hump Island"

Or my personal favorite

"60's-70's Family Sit-com, Hump Island"

The goofier the categories get, the more hysterical it becomes.

So, my gentle readers, in case you have not been here before...

Welcome to Hump Island!

Either pick a category I have mentioned and answer it or make your own and post it for others to answer.  This might just be a fun way to waste some time.

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