Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Personally, I would prefer Chris Garver

My mom went to a Shriner fundraiser on Palm Sunday.  She was sitting at a table visiting with some  Shiriners and a little boy approached her.  He pointed to her leg and said, "You have a tattoo! Did your daddy get you that tattoo?"  My mom, who is not a fan of wearable art, looked down where the boy was pointing and said, "No, my Daddy didn’t get me that tattoo.  Jesus did." The little boy took off and preceded to exclaim,"That lady over there has a tattoo from Jesus!"

Eventually, people started to come over and ask to see my mom’s "Jesus Tattoo".  I can only imagine how disappointed they were when my mom lifted her pant leg ever so slightly and revealed...her varicose veins.

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