Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Then She Was Gone: Goodbye Nana Part 2

Just like the way she lived her life, the events surrounding her dying, death and mourning were filled with humor.  This is the second installment, enjoy!


DEATH July 12, 2000

On the day that Nana died, I had to work and my mom had a doctor's appointment.  While Nana could still get up and around, she couldn't be left home alone, in case she needed something.  My Uncle John went to stay with her. Uncle John is a bad ass.


He gave my Nana and Grandpa a hard time when he was growing up.  He had run-ins with the law, spent sometime in jail and was finally straightening his life out. I imagine he was regretting all the years that he missed out on with his mother.He had been too busy with drugs and friends and mischief. Because of that, he was having a hard time dealing with the fact that she was dying. He kept saying that the doctors were "full of shit" and that she would be fine. My mom was hoping that the little bit of alone time he spent with her would help him accept the inevitable. She left the two of them alone and went to her appointment.

He was sitting at her bedside and they were talking. At one point Nana said to him "John, you were a pain in my ass coming into the world (he weighed almost 13 pounds when she gave birth to him) and you are still are a pain in my ass today. But I love you." She then closed her eyes, went to sleep and died. It was the best thing she could have said to him.

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