Monday, March 29, 2010

My Mom Is Having An Identity Crisis

This is a picture of my Mom on her 60th Birthday. She is 3 years older now, but she looks pretty much the same. She is 5'2", blond hair, blue eyes, big boobs and a bubble butt.


She came over one day, as it was a spa day for our dogs.  I have a Cocker Spaniel and a pug; she has a Jack Russell Terrier.  We dropped "The Girls" off at the spa, stopped @ Starbucks to get coffee and croissants, and then went back to my house.  My mom doesn't smoke anymore, except when she is at my house, and then she "borrows" a cigarette and smokes it with her mocha.  We sit on the couch and catch up.  She updates me on family issues, dog issues and what she has done for the past few days.  It is usually pretty boring and she usually repeats at least one story she told me over the phone a couple of days before. Every once in a while, my mom tells me a GEM. This is one of them.

She had been at the dollar store in Vallejo.  She had been in the store for a few minutes when a young woman yells out; "Woo wee!  We got a white bitch in the store today!" My mom said she looked around the store and couldn't see the "white bitch".  She kept looking, but couldn't figure out who that lady was talking about.  She said she finished her shopping, checked out and as she was walking out the door ...  She realized that "white bitch" was her.  She started to laugh as she walked out to her car.

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