Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skin It

Before I met Mr. Misha, I dated a Sheriff's Deputy named Mark.  ER nurses have the "You'll never guess what my patient had stuck up his ass!" stories. Law enforcement people have good "You'll never guess what this bad guy had stuck up his ass" stories. He would tell me all sorts of stories. I thought I knew everywhere on a body where you could hide your dope.........I was wrong.

Mark was working "Intake" at the jail. This where the patrol cops would bring in people they arrested, where people turned themselves in, etc. So he has to do a strip search on this one bad guy. He takes him into the search room and has the guy get undressed, he tells the guy to squat and cough, bend over and cough, pull you butt cheeks apart and cough, etc. Then he tells this guy to pull back the foreskin on his penis, the guy does it.........and a little baggie of dope goes flying to the floor. The best part, the guy immediately yells; "That's not mine!"

Yet another argument against circumcision.......You can keep your weed in it!

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