Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Did You Call Me?

We seem to have an issue with names in our family. I have about 4 or so names that I will answer to and Mr. Misha has at least 5. I am not talking about pet names, I am talking about names our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances call us. We are not criminals. We do not have records. We are not in the witness protection program. It just happens that I have a very common first name, so I got a few nicknames. My husband on the other hand, he has a stage name, a Polish name, his legal name, his other stage name and his married name- Mr. Misha.

It gets even more ridiculous with our dogs. Both of our dogs are from rescue. We didn't get to choose their names, they came with them. Our Cocker Spaniel's name is Mimi and our Pug's name is Harley. They weren't names we would have chosen for them, so consequentially they have received a long list of alternative names while living with us.

If I list them in a evolutionary kind of way, one can see how the names developed.

Pugnacious Bean
Harley Bean Barley Corn
Butter Bean
Baby Headed Pug
The Dutches Of Snarfleshire
Adopted Chinese Baby from Szechwan Province
Dim Sum Dog
Ching Chong China Pug (not Politically Correct, I know)
Mrs. Swan
Crotchety Broad
Bolivian Fruit Bat
Pug Roast

Cockie Spannel
Cocker Spannel Channel
Cocker Doodle Doo
Princess Wigglebutt of Cocker Doodle Doo
Velcro Cocker
Chenille Afghan Dog
Leggy Blond Supermodel Dog
Cocker Chops
Pin Nosed Cocker
Jeebus Lamba
They seem to answer best to their actual names and their breed. The poor dogs are probably so confused.

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  1. Duchess of Snarfleshire! I love that!