Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr.Misha

Today is Mr. Misha's birthday. He is turning 45. I found out on our first date that he was born at the hospital that I now work at, birthing babies. The first time I met his mom, she told me the story of his birth. It is quite cute, especially when you hear it in her Polish accent. So that is how I decided to write it, in her words.

"Honey, za pains kept comink and I kept pooooshink. One time, before za next pain, an announcement came ofer za loud zpeaker; 'Lady and Gentleman, General Mac Arthur has joost die'. Well, I could not think, za pain come again and I must poosh. Zo, I am poooshink and poooshink, and zen, ze doctor he say 'Mrs. Knee-Klev-Itch, you have ze leetle general!' And zere was Pawel. Bud he deed not look like general to me, he look like za colt. Like leetle horse on my bellie, wit arms hangink off one of my sides and legz hanging off zee ozzer side. I am not big wooman, and Pawel was BIG boy. When Stan make to za hospital, he get so exzited that we have boy after two girl.....he forget he is on third floorz and walk right into window, knock himself out!"

Happy Birthday Husband and Thank You Emilia, for birthin' your son.

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  1. Misha, you have a way with words that is both heartwarming and hysterical! I'll bet Mr. Misha is happy to have you, birthday or not.