Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That Is No Excuse

A while back, I was a substitute Maternal Newborn Nursing Instructor for a local college. I really enjoyed it and I am thinking about going back to school to  get my Masters so I can do it FOR REALS.  Here is one of my favorite stories from that time in my life.

It was the night before our ASS CRACK OF DAWN clinical rounds at the hospital. I had just sat down to dinner with Mr. Misha and my phone rang.  I picked it up and this is the conversation I had:

Me: Hello?

Student: Hi Misha? It's ______.

Me: Hi. What's up?

Student: Well, I am calling to ask you if I can be excused from clinical tomorrow.

Me: Oh.

Student: I was hiking in the park with my mom on Saturday and I went into cardiac arrest.

Me: What?!

Student: My mom called 911 and did CPR. You know she is a nurse?

Me: I know your mom.

Student: Well, they had to do surgery and insert an automatic defibrillator in me on Saturday and I am not supposed to lift anything over 5 pounds this week and since the babies weigh more than that, I was wondering if it would be okay if I stayed home?

Me: No. I am sorry I would only excuse your absence from clinical if you had not survived the code (cardiac arrest). But since you did, I am afraid you need to come to clinical in the morning.

Student: What?

Me: You have  a perfect score in class. You could miss the rest of the quarter and I would still pass you. Take the day off, okay?

Student: Are you sure? I mean, I could come, but I wouldn't be able to hold the babies.

Me: Please, take the day off.

Student: Okay, thanks Misha!

Me: You are welcome. I'll see you next week.

Student: Bye.

Me: Bye.

Kids these days, I swear. 

What is the world coming to?

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