Friday, January 22, 2010

Trust Women. Blog For Choice Day 2010

"Trust Women" Such a simple statement, only two words. But for me, it means so much. The meaning for me goes far beyond abortion rights. It means trusting women to make decisions about their lives, their bodies and their psyches. It means allowing women to make choices about birth control, about medical care, about abortion and about birth.

As a healthcare provider, I feel it is my responsibility to educate my patients. I give them the information, as clearly and as unbiased as I can and then I trust them to make the decision that is best for them. A woman shouldn't have to drive all over town to find a pharmacy that will fill her prescription for birth control pills or Plan B. A woman should be offered choices regarding her medical care and her decision should be supported. A woman should be able to obtain a safe and legal abortion without being harassed, yelled at or judged. A woman should be able to make informed choices about her birth. When we deny these things to women, we deny them equality, we deny them freedom, and we deny them humanity.

Part of trusting women is offering support. The choice they made may not have the results they were hoping for. A woman who has had an abortion should be allowed to grieve if she wants to. A woman who chooses a homebirth, but is transferred to the hospital because of complications should be welcomed and treated with kindness and respect, not ridiculed, lectured and scolded. A woman who chooses not use birth control and instead fills her home with children should not become the butt of jokes.

I trust women to make the decision that they feel is best for themselves, for their family, for their lives. I may not always agree with the choice that they make, but part of being Pro Choice means supporting the right to choose, regardless of the choice that she makes.

This was my entry for Blog for Choice Day 2010. To participate go to Blog for Choice and add your blog to the blogroll.

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