Friday, February 26, 2010

There Is A Price To Pay When You Borrow My Vehicle

Once upon a time, Mr.Misha went up to Sacramento to see his mom.  Since his car was in desperate need of tires, he took the Mishamobile.  With his iPod hooked up in the car, a bottle of fizzy water and a pack of smokes...he took off for Sacto.

At one point, he encountered heavy traffic.  So, he rolled the windows down, opened up the sunroof and turned his music up.  As he cruised along Hwy 80 at 5mph, he noticed a couple of hot, young chicks checking him out.  He didn't think anything of it and kept driving.  A few moments later, the girls were even closer to him and they were waving and smiling at him.  He looked around to see who they were waving at and was very surprised that it was him.

They played cat and mouse in the bumper to bumper traffic. The girls would fall behind for a while and then would catch up.  Each time, the girls were waving and giving him the thumbs up.  Each time they passed, it puffed Mr. Misha's ego up a little more. 

Then the traffic started to break up and everyone was able to accelerate to the speed limit.  Mr. Misha could see the girls coming up from behind him.  As they flew by, they waved and smile at him one last time.  That was when he saw it.

The girls had one of the same bumper stickers that I do! It's pink and it has one simple statement:


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