Sunday, November 12, 2006

New York, Days Three and Four (incomplete)

Day 3, Sunday

I made a bad shoe choice. I went for fashion instead of comfort and set aside my sneakers and put on my brown boots. We were, after all, going to be taking a boat tour in the morning, then lunch, then a bus tour, with a little shopping thrown in. I thought I could hang!

Of course, we stopped at Starbucks and Ess A Bagel on our way to the subway, sustenance for the morning. We took the subway to Times Square where we hopped on the double-decker buses Uptown Loop. The Uptown Loop would take up within 6 blocks of the dock for our New York Harbor tour. This is where the shoe choice started to rear it's ugly head. As we walked, the balls of my feet started to burn.

We finally arrive at the Circle Line dock and get ready to board. Ahead of us in line are yet another group of Brits (I think Virgin or British Airways must have had some deal, NY was crawling with 'em). We get on the boat and pick our seats. It is a foggy and chilly morning for sight-seeing. Dave, our tour guide starts to give us his schpeel and we are off. He announces that we are on the "Trust Me Tour", as in, "To your left is the Empire State Building, trust me, it is there, you just can't see it right now." I now hate the Empire State Building and could really give a shit if I see it ever again. We go cruising through the harbor and I learn way more about New Jersey than I have planned. We finally get close to Ellis Island and learn it's history. We see the Statue of Liberty and like most celebrities, she is much shorter when you see her in person. She is beautiful and her symbolism is not lost to me. We then cruise back to the dock and our tour is over.

Deb and I are now ready for lunch. Since my feet are hurting, we decided to take a taxi. What we end up doing is hiring a car (it is a nuance thing that I do not fully comprehend- taxis are yellow, cars are black?) The guy who is driving our "car" is named Howie, he is an ex-cop for NY's finest. He does the usual, "Where are you gals from?" We do out usual "Napa". He then goes into the predictable responsorial of "Oh wine country, I like wine, etc..." I am very curious about how one learns to drive in NYC, so I make the mistake of asking Howie if he has ever had an accident involving a pedestrian. (We have had several near misses with pedestrians each time we have boarded a vehicle, no matter what size) BIG MISTAKE! He tells me I should never ask that question and gives me a 5 minute lecture on pedestrians. He takes us to Resturant Row.

Joshua Tree

Uptown Loop in the rain



Serendipity 3

Let's just watch a little of this game

Day 4, Monday

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