Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why Are You Yelling At Me?

Products I will never purchase because their commercials annoy me:
American Taxpayer Associates, Vonage and Nutrisystem- their commercials are significantly louder than the ones that precede or follow them. These commercials are so loud that they have actually waked* me up from a sound sleep. It pains me to say, that Bare Minerals commercials are too loud also. But since I bought their product before their commercials tried to deafen me, I will forgive them. I LOVE MY Bare Minerals!

Enzyte- that fucking whistling is annoying. But if you turn off the sound- the visuals are kinda funny in a Bevis and Butthead kinda way.

Products with doorbells in their commercials-
Swiffer Wet Jet, Windex and Domino's Pizza. Every time these commercials appear on my television and the doorbell sound goes off, both Harley and Mimi become ballistic. Barking, running to the door, spinning in circles. When they realize that no one has come to visit them, they look so forlorn. It's a wonder why both of my pooches are not psychotic by now.
Viagra- the Viva Viagra song. Ruined the Elvis original for me permanently.
Liberator Medical- I am a nurse. I put urinary catheters in all the time. But for some reason, the way the woman in the commercial says catheter and urinary infection, skeeves me out.
Liberty Medical with Wilford Brimley- Dude, it is pronounced DIE-A-BEET-EASE, not DIE-A-BEAT-US. I want to smack him when he says it that way. It could only be worse if he said, "I got the sugar problem or I got The Die-a-beat-us".
Tony Little and his Gazelle- To quote in late, great musician, Wesley Willis, "Cut the mullet". It's like he is trying to be the macho version of Richard Simmons.
The Sham-WOW guy- seriously, he is very patronizing to the camera operator. And he yells.

Speaking of yellers,
The Oxyclean, Orange glow, Kaboom and now Health Insurance hawker.........Billy Hayes- the king of the cranked up, screaming TV Hawkers. Dude, layoff the Red Bulls and Starbucks!

So, what's bugging you lately?

I thought I should use the word "woke", but grammar check says "waked" is the correct one. Any opinions on that?

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  1. Vince from Sham WowMay 20, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    You think the slap chop is loud, Billy Maze is even louder. He loves my nuts, but yeah I agree that fricken bare minerals commercial as well as the stupid Direct Buy commercials are such a pain.