Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lost in Translation

Much to the dismay of our crabby next door neighbor, Mr. Misha and I often holler stuff at each other from different rooms.

Usually it is stuff like, "Are you hungry?" or "Did you feed the dogs?"

But sometimes it is goofy stuff like "I fucking love my wife!"  or "My husband is the cutest husband in the world!"  or "Why are these dogs so goofy? Do you think we should give them back?"

On rare occasions it is something important, "You're supposed to be at your doctor's appointment RIGHT NOW!"  or "I'm gonna go get you coffee before you leave for work!" 

Yesterday, Mr. Misha yelled something from his man cave and I completely misunderstood him.

What he actually said: "On the 28th Flight of the Conchords are going to be in Berkeley!"

What I thought he said: "On the 28th the cocker needs to be in a burka!"

I have no explanation.

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